The excitement of enjoying time by the pool is not limited to the kids. Many serious injuries occur when adults slip on wet pavement. Splashes coming from the pool can make the area around the pool a slippery danger zone. Always tread carefully around these areas. If an area becomes overly wet, use towels to dry off before you, or one of the children, takes a nasty spill.

Make sure that your pool is secured with a fence that is at least 4 feet high. It should also have a set securing gate with a lockable latch. You meed to make sure that a safety cover is placed over the pool. You should also remove any attached ladder. As an extra safety precaution, you might also consider installing a safety alarm which will go off if someone enters the pool unsupervised.

Work to keep your pool clean and clear at all times. Make sure that the levels of chemicals as well as the filtration level and circulation are all appropriate. You should regular test and regulate the levels of the chemicals. Doing these things will prevent earache, rashes and other reactions.

You should establish rules for your home pool and make sure that they are rigidly enforced.