Heavy equipment that is used on a construction site can pose a potential work hazard. Reduce the risk by following some common sense precautions. Never assume that the operator of a crane, forklift, backhoe, trencher, hi-lft or other heavy vehicle sees you. Do not rely on a horn or an alarm to warn that heavy equipment is nearby.

Be especially careful if you are around a vehicle that is backing. Never cut across the path of a reversing vehicle. You should also never ride on the running board, steps or drawbar of any vehicle on a worksite.

Be aware of swinging counterweights on equipment such as cranes. If there is not enough room for workers to pass through the pinch point, close off the area while the crane in in operation. Do not clean, lubricate or repair any equipment while it is operation. Shut the machine off completely. If you have to remove a guard before commencing work, ensure that it is fully replaced before turning the machine back on.

All personnel on a work site should receive proper training regarding working in and around heavy machinery. They must be wearing high visibility protective vests when working in areas where heavy machinery is being operated.