Check with MDS before storing or removing a chemical. Check if it needs to be kept away from anything including light, water, air, high or low temperatures, or other chemicals in order to prevent a dangerous reaction.

Storage areas should be organized to ensure that chemicals do not have to be taken through areas containing incompatibles. There should be a distance of at least 18 inches between stored materials and sprinklers. If you are storing very flammable chemicals, this distance should be increased to 36 inches.

As soon as you have removed the quantity of chemical that you need you should close the chemical container. Always wear the correct protective equipment when handling chemicals. Check the MSDS for instruction as to what you should wear. Even when you are handling closed chemical containers, you should wear gloves and safety goggles.

You should use bondling and groundling connections on flammable-liquid drums and small receptacles will transferring them. When transporting acid bottles, do so in carriers, not by hand. Even the smallest chemical leaks should cleared up promptly and thoroughly. Check containers regularly for leaks and wear. Report any problems immediately. Check containers regularly to see if they are outdated or never used.