Chemical container labels are critical for hazard reduction. All labels on chemical containers are required to include the following key information:

  • the identity of the chemical, including exactly what it is and what different chemicals are in the container
  • the manufacturer's (or the importer's) name, address and phone number
  • the physical hazards that the chemical poses, including how the chemical may react if it is not treated properly

The label should also contain the following information, though it is not required:

  • Instructions for storage and handling
  • Information on how to avoid accidents and physical hazards
  • Basic measures that can be taken for protection, including what personal protective equipment should be worn and other safety procedures to follow
  • Emergency instruction that gives details on what to do if something goes wrong

As a user of a chemical container, be sure to thoroughly read the label before use. Always follow the warning instructions on the label. Make sure that you fully understand the color and number coding system on labels used at your place of work. Read and abide by label guidelines on all consumer products.

If a chemical container is missing a label, or it cannot be read, report this to a supervisor.