Working at heights in the U.S. is defined as being 4 feet or more off the ground. In all such situations, a hazard assessment should be undertaken before work begins. A full body harness should be worn by anyone working at height. In addition, all equipment being used, including ladders, scaffolding and temporary flooring, should be checked for load strength and positioning. Tools used for the job should be secured to prevent them falling.

When working above ground, ensure that you have proper footwear. Non slip safety boots will give you the best protection. Make sure that the surface you are standing on is completely stable. Do not work above ground if you are tired, intoxicated or have been taking medication.

If you are working above ground in the vicinity of electricity, ensure that it has been disconnected before you begin the job. If the job requires that you work above ground with tools, make sure that you are fully trained and completely confident in their use. Carry any tools that you need on a tool belt or a rope hoist.

If you are working on a ladder, check first that it is completely safe, including having slip resistant rungs, braces, bolts and spreaders in order and safety feet.