Reduce your slip and trip risk by paying close attention to your travel path, including all warning signs. Walking areas should be clear of debris and floors should be well maintained. Make sure that walkways are well lit. Wear appropriate footwear for the environment. All spills should be immediately cleaned up.

Properly fitted and well maintained footwear will increase comfort and reduce worker fatigue. This will, in turn, improve worker safety. Make sure that you have correctly fitted footwear that features firm sole grips. Ensure that the laces are well tied.

Maintain the flooring so that it is always in good condition. Be sure to always use installed light sources that provide an adequate amount of light to perform tasks. If you have to walk on a wet floor, go slowly and look carefully where you are going. Adjust your walking stride to an appropriate pace for the conditions of the ground surface. Turn your feet out slightly as you walk on the wet floor. When turning corners, make wide turns.

If you are carrying an object while walking, do so in such a way that the object does not obstruct your view of the floor in front of you. If you are going into a dark room, use a flashlight until you manage to turn on the light switch.