Holes are a common workplace hazard. The employer has a responsibility to protect workers from hole hazards. As an employee, become hole smart by being aware of your surroundings and the hole hazards that are present. If you think there may be a hole in the area, walk with caution. Avoid carrying objects that will obscure your view. If you find a hole, it is your obligation to report it to your supervisor.

It is the responsibility of the employer to identify all risks in the workplace which may prove to be hazardous to workers. This includes holes. Regular workplace inspections should take place near any open edge structures, such as near an incomplete stairwell, and near a hole, shaft or pit into which a worker could possibly fall. This may include trenches, lift shafts and service pits.

A risk assessment should be carried out to determine what could happen if a fall did occur and how likely it would be to occur. The severity of the risk, whether existing control measures are effective and what action should be taken to control the risk should also be assessed.

If possible, you should install a fall protection device such as a guard rail.