Distracted drivers are responsible for about 35,000 fatal accidents each year. Avoid becoming another statistic by never texting and driving. Use Bluetooth through a Bluetooth headset rather than talking into a handheld phone. Finish grooming before you leave home. Don’t eat while you’re behind the wheel. If possible, have a second adult in the car when traveling with children. If that’s not possible, look for ways to keep the kids safely occupied while you’re driving.

Before you leave on your journey, check that there are no loose items, including gear and possessions, that could roll around on the floor and come into your driving zone. You don’t want to be tempted to reach for them when you are driving or have them come between you and the foot pedals.

Before your trip, make any and all necessary adjustments to your vehicle to ensure a safe, comfortable journey. This should including adjusting your car’s GPS, mirrors, seats, climate control and sound system. If you are traveling with children or pets in the vehicle, make sure that they are secure before the journey starts. If either children or pets are in need of your attention during the journey, pull over to the roadside to attend to them.