Aerial platforms have built-in safety features such as handrails, mid-rails and toe-boards. Prevent injury by never leaning over, or climbing on the platform railing. Always keep both feet on the platform floor. The access gate should remain closed at all times. Do not climb ladders, planks or steps to gain a greater height. Be sure to follow all manufacturer recommendations for safe use of aerial platform equipment.

Only trained and authorized personnel must be permitted to operate the aerial platform. Manufacturer's operating instructions need to be studied before operating the platform. Always inspect an aerial platform before using it, and check the following features:

  • Platform rail and entry gate
  • Nuts, bolts and other fasteners
  • Cracks in welds and structural components
  • Auxiliary power function
  • Compartments covers are in place and latched
  • The boom is not damaged or dented
  • Tires and wheels
  • Decals legible and in place
  • Engine fluids are at correct levels

The employer should maintain records for three years. These must include name and address of purchase, including the serial number, records of the persons trained in the use of the aerial platform, written records of frequent and annual inspections, and the record of pre-delivery preparation performed prior to each delivery.