Work Glove AlphaTec 58-128

by Ansell
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With its unique ‘Thin Nitrile Technology’ formulation, the new AlphaTec® 58-128 glove brings a new dimension to performance with optimal flexibility -which enables the hand to move naturally without constriction. The thin nitrile barrier provides superior hand protection against irritant contact fluids and the Ansell Grip Technology offers more precise handling of small oily or wet parts.For workers exposed to irritant contact fluids found in the workplace, the new AlphaTec® 58-128 glove addresses important concerns and unmet needs including:
  • Protection from oils and other irritant fluids not provided by the usage of knitted gloves that are not fully covered with a chemical resistant coating.
  • Dexterity, grip and comfort issues when using chemical gloves to handle small coated parts.