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Safeonomics: Episode 7

By Safeopedia Staff
Published: October 20, 2023 | Last updated: October 20, 2023 04:11:48

Welcome to Safeonomics, your guide through the intricate realm of technology adoption, with a sharp focus on safety technology.

Today, with Dr. Tristan Casey, Implementation Scientist (Workplace Health, Safety & Wellbeing) and Heather Chapman, Change Agent we're unraveling the complexities of integrating safety tech. We'll explore the unique challenges, including potential adverse consequences and ethical dilemmas, while also delving into the transformative potential of technology in enhancing safety practices.

Join us as we journey through the factors that predict successful technology adoption in safety, the essential skills for safety personnel, and the best practices that ensure technology is embraced effectively.


Tune in to Safeonomics and gain invaluable insights into the dynamic intersection of technology and safety.

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Written by Safeopedia Staff

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At Safeopedia, we think safety professionals are unsung superheroes in many workplaces. We aim to support and celebrate these professionals and the work they do by providing easy access to occupational health and safety information, and by reinforcing safe work practices.

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