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Safeonomics: Episode 4

By Safeopedia Staff
Published: May 19, 2023 | Last updated: May 19, 2023 03:41:39

In this episode of Safeonomics, Scott and Gabe spend time with Joshua Russell, CSP who is the Senior Manager for Environmental Health & Safety at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. In his 20 years in the safety profession, Josh has learned how to navigate his career growth while understanding the needs of his organization. From his time working with all levels in his organization, from new hires to executive management, Josh has gained valuable insights that can help safety pros who want to move up the ranks in their companies. Tune in as we talk about career development!


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Written by Safeopedia Staff

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At Safeopedia, we think safety professionals are unsung superheroes in many workplaces. We aim to support and celebrate these professionals and the work they do by providing easy access to occupational health and safety information, and by reinforcing safe work practices.

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