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Tool Tethering and Temperature Stress in Utilities

Ergodyne's objects at heights, and temperature stress expert Allie Thunstrum takes you through the common challenges utility companies, including climbers and remote workers, encounter with dropped objects (tool tethering) and temp stress programs. We’ll also unpack the important attributes that help create solutions to these challenges, with an emphasis on Ergodyne solutions.

Learning Objectives:

  1. The importance of tool tethering as a solution to prevent dropped objects from heights and the risks associated with it, including potential human injuries and equipment damage.

  2. The difference between human fall protection and falling object prevention, and how to implement dropped object solutions in various industries to prevent accidents.

  3. The need for a tool tethering policy and the importance of training workers on the correct use of tethers and attachments.

  4. The potential dangers of temperature stress, especially in cold weather conditions, and the ways to prevent it, including proper clothing and rest breaks.

  5. The benefits of a comprehensive safety program that includes tool tethering, temperature stress prevention, and other safety measures to create a safe working environment and avoid accidents, injuries, and fatalities.

Allie Thunstrom
Allie Thunstrom

Field Product Manager, Ergodyne // QSSP Certified

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