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The EHS Manager’s Challenge: Building Credibility and Buy-in within your Organization

As an EHS manager, one of your primary goals is to promote a culture of safety within your organization. This can be a challenge, as you need to not only gain buy-in from upper management, but also empower your workforce to take ownership of their safety.

One way to build credibility and buy-in is to pursue credentials as in certifications. These demonstrate your commitment to safety and give you the knowledge and skills needed to effectively promote a culture of safety.

Another key strategy is to empower your workforce. This can be done by providing training on safety topics, involving them in the decision-making process, and encouraging them to take an active role in promoting safety within the organization.

By taking these steps, you can build credibility and buy-in for the EHS profession within your organization.

Join Eric Gislason of NASP as he covers:

  1. What makes an EHS Professional Valuable to your Team?
  2. Certificates vs. Certifications: Pursuing Credentials
  3. Getting Buy-in from C-Suite Executives
  4. Empowering your Workforce: Tips and Strategies
  5. Meshing Safety into an Organizational Culture

Start building your credibility, today!

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understanding what makes you valuable as an EHS (Environmental Health and Safety) professional to the team and how to get buy-in from the C-suite executives.
  2. Presenting to the executives why EHS is an essential part of the organizational system.
  3. Matching safety goals with business objectives to ensure management commitment and employee buy-in.
  4. Using leading indicators, not lagging indicators, to create an effective safety incentive program.
  5. Creating a culture of safety by planning, measuring, and continuously improving safety practices, which includes driving culture through programs such as I2P2 (Injury and Illness Prevention Program).
Eric Gislason
Eric Gislason

Executive Director NASP

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