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The Coach in Your Corner, Not the Boss Over Your Shoulder: Injury Prevention Monitoring in the Workplace

Many employers are starting to see the benefit of MSD injury prevention solutions in the workplace. However, many employees still see sensors and injury prevention tech as a burden, or worse: an invasion of privacy. This conversation will allow employers, risk managers, and safety leaders to learn the benefits of injury prevention solutions in the workplace, and better understand how to engage employees.

Join this lively panel discussion and Q&A as Dorothy Riviere, Bardavon’s chief clinical officer, discusses the benefits of injury prevention technology to both employers and their employees, alongside Vice President of Injury Prevention Scott Coleman, Sarah Ischer, National Safety Council Senior Program Manager III and lead on the MSD Pledge team.

In this webinar, you can expect to understand the following:

  • How to take the “big brother” out of Injury Prevention solutions in the workplace—what injury prevention data should and should not do.
  • Tips and tactics to get employees to embrace MSD tech solutions in the workplace and how to communicate your solution to employees.
  • Why aligned incentives matter more than ever

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understanding the importance of injury prevention in the workplace and how it benefits both employers and employees.
  2. Identifying the most common workplace injuries, specifically musculoskeletal disorders, and how they can be prevented through injury prevention programs.
  3. Gaining insight into the importance of getting employee buy-in for injury prevention monitoring programs, to increase their effectiveness.
  4. Recognizing the value of data and analytics in injury prevention, not just in preventing injuries but also integrating it into the recovery process.
  5. Learning about new technology and preventative approaches that can be put in place to reduce workplace injuries, and understanding the ROI on these solutions.
Dorothy Riviere
Dorothy Riviere

Chief Clinical Officer at Bardavon Health Innovations

Sarah Ischer
Sarah Ischer

Senior Program Manager III at NSC

Scott Coleman
Scott Coleman

Founder of Preventure

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