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Safeopedia Demo Days November

What to expect at Demo Days


Enjoy quick and to the point presentations from a variety of vendors that will give you the highlights and provide a demonstration of their product. You have the ability to 'browse' in a fun and engaging way without the pressure or sales pitch from the sales guy!

Questions for the Presenters

We ask questions to help you with the process of determining if it's the right product or software for you. Such as Can I try out your software before I make a decision? Do any of them have hands-on EHS experience? What makes you think consumers want this product? Are there any samples you can show us?

Find a fit between your business problem and the solution.

Adopting a new technology or product requires proper implementation. Technology doesn't just magically make the problem disappear. It's important to have an opportunity to try out products and software before purchasing.

The Vendors at Demo Days

HammerTech is a cloud-based collaborative platform that improves safety, reduces risk, and increases profits on construction projects using a single application solution. Allowing you to manage projects in real-time with inspections, equipment, permits, and daily reports. It’s the number one construction choice for connected jobsites, online or offline.

Pulse is a mobile SaaS solution that digitizes and automates safety and quality processes. Critical operational data is captured and processed in real time to flag issues, create actions and turn strategy into results with live analytics.

SAI360 is a leading provider of Risk, Learning, EHS, and Sustainability software. Our cloud-first SAI360 platform contains flexible, scalable, and configurable modules for a better vantage point on risk management. Our unified approach to risk management is what sets us apart, helping organizations across the globe manage risk, create trust, and achieve business resilience for over 25 years. SAI360 is headquartered in Chicago, U.S., and operates across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, the Americas, Asia, and the Pacific. Discover more at sai360.com or follow us on LinkedIn.

SALUS is the mobile-first safety management platform built to connect businesses to field workers for increased compliance. To date, we've helped hundreds of clients make the shift from paper to digital safety and centralize their safety systems to simplify a complex environment.

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