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Putting Your Best Foot Forward: Foot Protection & Slip Hazard Prevention.


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Using the right footwear for the task at hand can make all the difference. Foot injuries, slips and trips, comfort and fit, the hazards presented, and different types of protection are all things to factor in when making your selection.

Join Bryan McWhorter as he…ahem….’walks’ us through the following when it comes to protecting those amazing pieces of machinery at the ends of our legs:

  1. Foot Injuries
  2. Slip, Trip, and Fall hazards
  3. Review of OSHA Foot Protection Requirements
  4. Safety Footwear Program
  5. Comfort and Fit - How to choose the right size and style for comfort
  6. Introduction to the world of protective footwear - Tips on what to look for


  • Bryan McWhorter

    Bryan McWhorter

    Lead Safety Advisor, Author, Writer, Speaker