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New & Now: PPE Respiratory Protection Update & New Innovations for Back to Normal

As we continue to return to normal Honeywell Safety is going to recap the industrial and medical grade PPE shipping now to help the US&C return to work safely. You will get updates on N95 & respiratory abatement inventory solutions & learn to avoid common pitfalls and new threats emerging in workplaces.

In addition, the Personal Protective Equipment team will highlight the new ANSI Eye protection Anti fog standard, a high tech spin on hand protection, along with their latest PPE innovations released for 2022, including their 2021 OH&S product of the year award winners.

Join this interactive webinar exhibiting the new & now from Honeywell PPE. To engage with the interactive elements of this webinar, please bring your smart phone or tablet, when you log on.

Presented by Rahil Hasan Director of US&C PPE marketing for Honeywell & members of his US&C team.

Rahil Hasan
Rahil Hasan

Director of Marketing Honeywell

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