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Leveraging the Safety Boost of Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is a powerful driver of business results, from reduced turnover to higher productivity. Its greatest effect is on worker safety – a puzzling pattern given that frustrated employees don’t want to get injured any more than their energized colleagues. No one has studied this connection deeper or helped companies apply the lessons more than Rodd Wagner. Rodd literally wrote the book on engagement – twice. He’ll explain what’s going on in the minds of frontline workers and help you develop a plan to keep your people safer by engaging them.

Learning Objectives:

  1. The definition of employee engagement as the intensity that employees put into their work in reciprocation for the investments that their companies make in their experience at work.
  2. Understanding that engagement can have a tremendous impact on safety outcomes, and it is an analytical code that can be cracked.
  3. Recognizing that engagement is not a one-size-fits-all concept, and what employees want from the organization will differ depending on the job.
  4. Understanding that engagement can be fostered through various activities such as team building, recognition, and communication.
  5. Being aware that as a safety manager, it is crucial to become an expert on the engagement patterns at your site to achieve both safety and performance goals.
Rodd Wagner
Rodd Wagner

Executive Advisor at SafeStart

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