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Learning Through Advanced Causal Analysis

Problems come in all shapes and sizes. But they all can be understood more clearly in terms of their cause & effect relationships. These relationships exist for all events and they can be graphically modeled by using a simple set of processes and tools. The model helps the team develop a complete understanding of the problem. This leads to effective corrective & preventative actions. Requiring evidence-based inputs prevents conclusions based on conjecture and hidden agendas while reconciling diverse viewpoints. This ensures that all stakeholders clearly understand the problem in the same way. The goal is to minimize personal bias and maximizes analytical thinking. Both are critical to gaining leadership support and resources for solutions.

Key Takeaways:

  • Know the steps in a root cause analysis
  • Learn how to develop a cause & effect logic tree
  • Know what constitutes effective solutions
Brian Hughes
Brian Hughes

Co-founder of Sologic

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