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How to Mitigate Summer Construction Hazards - What you need to know


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With planning and prevention, you and your workers can make it through the summer months safely. It's time for warm weather, long weekends, and backyard cookouts. But the summer season also brings unique workplace hazards. Staying safe during the hot weather means understanding and managing the risks. From illnesses like heat stress and heat stroke to summer construction projects, we're pulling out our magnifying glass to highlight and mitigate some of summer's construction hazards.

Join Bryan McWhorter as he helps us understand the following:

  1. Hazards we need to consider while working outdoors during the summer
  2. High Visibility Clothing, Tape, etc. - Struck-by hazards, spotter training, standard work instructions, training, & lone workers
  3. Workers vs. Mother Nature - Dealing with rain, fog, nighttime darkness, dehydration, sleep
  4. PPE Considerations - Control measures that protect with minimal burden
  5. Keeping your head – extra attention to safety/sun glasses, hats, and hardhats


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  • Bryan McWhorter

    Bryan McWhorter

    Lead Safety Advisor, Author, Writer, Speaker