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How Many Risks Can Dance on the Head of a Pin?

Most organizations still define “safe” in terms of (reduction in) the number of accidents they had, over a selected period of time. The more important question however is how many accidents they COULD HAVE had and DID NOT have over that period of time. But we don’t know that, because we don’t measure that, and we can not measure that. Or can you?

The 'Did Not Have Accident Frequency' (DNHAF) is the true metric we should be tracking, but it would be a case of measuring nothing.

In this presentation, the presenter will share his experience of a major fatal risk identification program conducted globally, and the subsequent development of new risk management techniques and a new model of risk measurement.

And it will also answer the question of how many risks can dance on the head of a pin…

Corrie Pitzer
Corrie Pitzer

CEO Safemap International

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