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Honeywell Releases New Hand Protection Solutions for Chemical Risks

This short on-demand webinar will review common risks in hand protection for workers in chemical environments which inspired Honeywell to design the new Flextril glove, incorporating QR cell phone technology to empower workers. During this webinar, you will learn:

  • A general understanding of Chemical Glove Standards
  • An introduction to different areas where chemical gloves are used
  • How to select the proper hand protection for chemical protection
  • A general understanding of Honeywell hand protection solutions
  • An introduction to the newly released Flextril hand protection glove line, as well as how to use Flextril’s QR technology on the jobsite.

Learning Objectives:

  1. The importance of building a culture of safety in the workplace and the alarming statistics of hand injuries caused by not wearing gloves or wearing the wrong type of gloves.
  2. The OSHA hand protection regulation that requires employers to provide PPE to their workers if there's a hazard.
  3. The ISO 374 standard update for chemical protection gloves and the need for proper selection based on the type of chemicals and application.
  4. The types of areas where chemical protection gloves are needed, such as food and beverage, chemical manufacturing, pharmaceutical, hazmat teams, and automotive painting.
  5. The different glove materials used in chemical environments, such as PVC, silver shield gloves, butyl, nitrile, and natural rubber latex, and the cheat sheet provided for easy reference in selecting the appropriate glove based on the chemicals used.

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