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Heat Stress Safety: What to Know, What to Do

What's your answer when OSHA asks "what's your plan"? Heat-related site visits continue to ramp up as part of the agency's National Emphasis Program (NEP), and compliance officers want to know you have the pieces in place to protect your crew.

In this session, heat stress experts Claudia Weber (Ergodyne) and Bubba Wolford (Sqwincher) take you through the dangers of and prevention measures for heat stress——all in a straightforward presentation that's easy to digest and ready to act on.

So, what's your plan? This session will help you answer exactly that.

Join us to learn:

  • Heat stress definitions, symptoms and treatment
  • What’s included in OSHA’s expanded heat stress measures
  • What OSHA’s National Emphasis Program (NEP) is and what it means to worksites
  • Simple steps to protect your crew and pass an inspection with flying colors
Bubba Wolford
Bubba Wolford

Director of Business Development

Claudia Weber
Claudia Weber


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