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Heat Stress: Are you and your workers FULLY protected?

Workers who are exposed to extreme heat or work in hot environments may be at risk of heat stress. Exposure to extreme heat can result in illnesses and injuries. Prevention of heat stress in workers is important. Employers should provide training to workers so they understand what heat stress is, how it affects their health and safety, and how it can be prevented.

Workers are typically instructed to "Drink lots of water, and wear the proper PPE". But is that enough?

Join hydration expert, Bubba Wolford, and skin health expert, Armand Coppotelli as they take a deep dive on the two frequently forgotten items of PPE.

Topics of this webinar include:

  1. Demographics most affected by heat stress
  2. Medical Preconditions
  3. Productivity
  4. Risk Management
  5. What your skin is telling you
  6. Misconceptions about sun screen
  7. Sun Screen Dos and Don'ts
Bubba Wolford
Bubba Wolford

Director of Business Development

Armand Coppotelli
Armand Coppotelli

Sr. Business Development, Technical Training

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