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Hearts + Minds: Are You the Best Safety Practitioner You Can Be?

People make mistakes. We can predict those errors and we can influence the outcome.

David Lynn, CSP, president of Peak Safety Performance, discusses three ways you can anticipate mistakes and will offer solutions for preventing injuries related to errors. If you've ever wondered "Why did they do that?!" or "How am I supposed to prevent that?!" then this webinar will provide you with some insight into why errors occur and how they can be predicted and prevented.

Attendees will:

  • Learn performance modes that contribute to mistakes.
  • The 10 reasons people take chances that cause mistakes.
  • The precursors that set you up to make mistakes.
  • What attitudes lead to mistakes.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand that the emotional side and intellectual understanding of safety must merge to create a high-performance safety culture.
  2. Recognize the personal impact on safety performance, including the need to understand how errors arise and how to predict them.
  3. Appreciate that mistakes arise from the way the mind handles information, rather than from stupidity or carelessness.
  4. Identify error precursors, different performance modes, and unsafe attitudes to help monitor and coach employees.
  5. Recognize that people take chances for their own reasons, and that perceptions of acceptable risk differ from person to person.
David Lynn
David Lynn

Owner Peak Safety Performance

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