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Hard Hats, Safety Helmets, and Bump Caps: A Quick Guide to Choosing the Right Protection for the Job

It’s easy to think of head injuries as catastrophic, and they certainly can be. It’s also easy to think of hard hats as THE head injury prevention solution, and they certainly DO provide essential protection.

But before donning that hard hat let’s dig a little deeper…

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, injuries to the head account for roughly 40,000 injuries resulting in at least one day away from work every year in the private sector. Of those, a mere 6% occur in construction, where hard hats are most likely being worn.

Meanwhile, the manufacturing sector – where workers may or may not be wearing hard hats – accounts for roughly 10% of head injuries. Transportation and warehousing make up another 9%. And those folks are likely not wearing hard hats. All told, that’s more than three times the amount of head injuries than construction.

Does that mean they should all be wearing hard hats? Likely not. Let’s explore the difference between object generated impact and worker generated impact to determine which product is the best for protecting your noggin

Allie Thunstrom
Allie Thunstrom

Field Product Manager, Ergodyne // QSSP Certified

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