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Gloves to Garments: A Comprehensive Look at O&G Safety Essentials

Join us to dive into the world of safety with Cordova to discuss gloves and Flame-Resistant (FR) treated disposable garments. Their expert presenter will unravel their critical role in the oil and gas industry. You will gain insights into their features, benefits, and learn how to assess new gloves effectively. Elevate your safety protocols by joining us for this informative session!

During this webinar, our presenter will break down the essential features and benefits of gloves and FR treated disposable garments, highlighting their significance in ensuring worker safety and protection. You'll learn about the innovative materials, technologies, and designs that make these products effective barriers against occupational hazards.

Catrina Schifani
Catrina Schifani

Director of Sales for the Midwest and Western Regions for Cordova Safety Products

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