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A Need-to-Know Guide to EHS Reporting


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What EHS Managers and Directors are really interested in is real, useful information and reports. But why are so many organizations still getting it wrong?

1 in 3 executives are struggling to find the right person with the right data, and 43% are dissatisfied with their tools for filtering through the plethora of data. For EHS, it’s time organizations stop running before they can walk and start enabling an intelligent department with quality before quantity – useful information before even more data. Join us to explore what’s really important in protecting employees.

This Q&A discussion will cover:

  • Why companies are still getting it wrong
  • Budgeting: Where your budget is best spent
  • Useful, insightful reports once you have the right data
  • A recommended strategy for supporting a self-sufficient EHS department with the appropriate metrics

About the Speaker

Murray Ferguson has been involved in providing business intelligence IT solutions to some of the world's largest companies for over 15 years. He particularly is interested in using modern technologies for improvements in EHS performances, striving to support business processes and promote safety best practice in high-risk industries.

  • Murray Ferguson

    Murray Ferguson