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Eye Hazard Challenges in Oil & Gas Applications

The oil and gas industry is one of the highest risk sectors for eye injuries due to dust, chemicals, welding sparks, or windy weather. Don't forget about the sun that can also give off intense glare which distracts more than helps when working outside.

In this webinar we will cover many of the hazards to keep an eye out for and outline the steps you can take to reduce your risk of eye injuries.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understanding the challenges and hazards that oil and gas workers face, which lead to thousands of injuries each year. The industry has unique and significant hazards that cannot be ignored, and it is essential to identify the pain points and challenges.

  2. Knowing the variables of eye protection design, such as the function of glasses and how they lead to performance that provides basic and comprehensive eye protection. Understanding the solutions that help deliver protection for specific safety hazards.

  3. Identifying the best term of eye protection possible by considering questions that help determine the proper fit, coverage, and type of glasses needed. It is essential to avoid sacrificing fit for coverage, and to ensure that the glasses are up-to-date and comfortable to wear all day.

  4. Addressing specific tasks that require eye protection, such as welding, which often requires wearing safety glasses inside a welding hood. New coatings have been developed that can reduce fogging in hot environments and can provide better performance than traditional coatings.

  5. Improving eye protection by addressing fit and coverage issues. A tight-fitting glass may provide coverage, but it may not be comfortable enough to wear all day. Solutions to improve fit and coverage, such as goggles and better designs, can reduce injuries and improve productivity.

Dave Larimer
Dave Larimer

VP of Industrial Sales Radians

Cindy Bullion
Cindy Bullion

Product Development Assistant

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