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Demo Days November

Watch 'Demo Days' on demand for presentations of software & products!

What to Expect!

We have our Industry Expert kicking off our session! They will talk about what to consider during certain health and safety product Implementation with your teams

We will then enjoy several quick and to the point presentations from a variety of vendors that will give you the highlights and provide a demonstration of their product. You have the ability to 'browse' in a fun & engaging way without the pressure or sales pitch from the sales guy!

Find a fit between your business problem and the solution.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Key considerations when selecting and implementing new technologies, including whether the technology is a good fit for the organization, practical, and helps achieve business goals.
  2. The importance of a closed-loop approach or process orientation for safety management, which includes defining success and measuring progress.
  3. Strategies for promoting adoption and successful implementation of new technologies, including training materials, industry-specific needs, and vendor support.
  4. Using software to track positive metrics and behaviors to complement traditional focus on negative incidents, and the importance of considering worker perspective when implementing technology.
  5. The potential of technology to enhance safety management processes, including features such as checklists, inspections, incident reporting, and hazard identification, with traceability, reporting, and alerts.

The Vendors

Alcumus helps organisations of all sizes anticipate, manage and avoid risks that endanger their people, their operations and our planet. We provide an integrated approach to managing Health, Safety and ESG across industries, locations, contractor and supplier networks.

SALUS is the mobile-first safety management platform built to connect businesses to field workers for increased compliance. To date, we've helped hundreds of clients make the shift from paper to digital safety and centralize their safety.

MakuSafe - As the leader in Workforce Wearables, our mission at MakuSafe is to make the world safer through technology and data. Smart. Safe. MākuSafe.

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