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CR/FR Clothing - Are you Really Protected? You'd be Surprised


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This free webinar will provide guidance and practical considerations to safety professionals for selecting PPE for dual chemical and fire hazards. This will include:

  • Potential situations in which chemical and flame hazards may simultaneously occur in refineries, petrochemical plants, laboratories and hazardous maintenance operations.
  • Relevant performance standards for both chemical protection & fire hazards protection.
  • Discussion on the difference between chemical penetration and permeation, and why it will matter to safety professionals.
  • Discussion of some current market CR/FR protective clothing offerings and options.

At the end of the webinar, participants should better understand when combined CR/FR hazard scenarios may occur, what factors, standards, and test data are important when selecting PPE clothing solutions, and that CR/FR threats exist and possible PPE clothing solutions available to protect workers.


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  • Dan Bowen

    Dan Bowen

    National Chemical Industrial Specialist / Technical Marketing Specialist