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Best Practices in Contractor Prequalification


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Please join us as we welcome Patrick Robinson as he walks us through the Contractor Prequalification Best Practices he's gathered and implemented over his 31-year career. His expertise is based on experience derived from both the owner and contractor perspectives. Topics being discussed will include:

Prequalification: The Big Picture

Why Prequalify:

  • Caveat Emptor
  • OSHA says so
  • Experts and leading corporations
  • Recent cases in the courts

Contractor Management Best Practices defined:

  • Contractor data (what and why)
  • Documents
  • Assessment - Score carding

Starting new or improving on existing processes:

  • Implementation and sustainability aka success factors 101
  • Industry reference points
  • The critical few high value activities
  • Automation
  • Third party registries


References / Acknowledgements


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