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Comfort & Compliance in Women’s PPE

Between 2016 and 2024, the industrial protective clothing market is expected to experience rapid growth, with the subcategories of “durable clothing” and “flame-resistant apparel” expected to grow by 14%. Women are desperately needed to help fill the demand for skilled trades workers.

As the number of women in many traditionally male dominated industries like construction and oil & gas increases, it has become more apparent that the same protective solutions used for men are not suitable. When women arrive on the job site, they often find their protective apparel to be simply smaller sized versions of men’s protective gear. This creates a safety hazard, as these outfits have too much bulky fabric in certain places, which gets in the way of the worker. These outfits are too cramped in the hips and often made from material that does not stretch well, restricting the wearer’s movement. On top of the safety issues, the outfits are downright unattractive, leaving women feeling uncomfortable.

Thus the demand for specific women’s PPE has rapidly increased. In this webinar we’ll discuss specific issues that women tend to face in regards to PPE, including fit and both physical and mental comfort.

Melissa Dixon
Melissa Dixon

Director of Product Management

Jaime Glas
Jaime Glas

Brand Specialist

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