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How to Build a Stronger Safety Culture with Solid Reporting


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Building a strong safety culture is top of mind for everyone right now, and for good reason – organizations with the strongest cultures have fewer incidents. But when it comes to improving safety outcomes and making culture enhancements, there’s still one thing many EHS leaders are overlooking – the power of their own data.

Join Josh LeBrun and Bryan McWhorter for an exclusive webinar as they discuss:

1. Why reporting is the foundation to building a stronger safety culture

2. Best practices for data collection, reporting and analysis

3. How to use data to uncover trends, address gaps and improve performance

4. 5 metrics EHS departments should be tracking each month

  • Bryan McWhorter

    Bryan McWhorter

    Safety proffesiona

  • Josh LeBrun

    Josh LeBrun

    President and Chief Operating Officer