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A Comprehensive Approach to Workforce Well-Being

Did you know that damaged skin accounts for over $1.8 Billion in direct medical expenses annually in the U.S.? (Ya, that's a B by the way!!)

Workplace health and employee safety has always been a challenge for businesses, but recent years have seen an increased focus on these issues. A wide variety of challenges can impact operations, from employee exposure to chemicals and skin irritants to difficulty removing soils. In addition, companies must contend with malfunctioning or inoperable dispensers, empty bottles or dispensers, and sanitizer that is on the FDA recall list.

Additionally, businesses must strive to meet enterprise diversity goals while also dealing with labor shortages. These challenges can be difficult to navigate, but the health of employees and the workplace should always be a top priority.

Join Holly Laubscher as she helps us understand the skin health challenges facing workforces today and a total solution based approach on what to do about it.

Learning Objectives:

  1. The importance of hand hygiene in maintaining a healthy and safe workforce, as well as the challenges around hand hygiene such as working dispensers, getting people to use them, and ensuring they are in the right places.

  2. The significance of addressing contact dermatitis, which can cost up to 1.8 billion dollars in direct medical expenses due to skin issues, and the dispensing systems, platforms, and formulations to prevent it.

  3. The benefits of implementing a hand hygiene program and its impact on meeting enterprise diversity goals.

  4. The innovations in hand hygiene, such as the ES8 system, which has a fresh battery every time a refill is put in, eliminating the need to change batteries and reducing battery waste by 68%, as well as being 15% less greenhouse gas emissions compared to other touch-free systems.

  5. The importance of sustainability and clean chemistry in hand hygiene, and the certifications that are available, such as being a WE Bank certified company and having Cradle to Cradle certification.

Holly Laubscher
Holly Laubscher

Sales Operations Manager

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