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Meet the Author with Richard Knowles, Claire Knowles, and Robin Nagele

By Tamara Parris
Published: July 21, 2021 | Last updated: November 4, 2021 03:21:20
Key Takeaways

Ask yourself the question: Can workplace violence happen where I work? If it does, remember that ignorance is no longer a workable excuse.

Join us for a collaborative session on this episode of Meet the Author with Richard Knowles, Claire Knowles, and Robin C. Nagele as they discuss their book "A Guide to Reducing the Risk of Workplace Violence: The Absolute Essentials " with hosts Gary Wong and Tamara Parris.

Richard Knowles, Claire Knowles, and Robin C. Nagele book: "A Guide to Reducing the Risk of Workplace Violence: The Absolute Essentials” provides essentials you need to know to create a comprehensive Workplace Violence Prevention Program, and help you consider what is best for your organization or business.


In our discussion three aspects are covered:

  • the psychological / cultural side,
  • the physical / facility-security side,
  • the effective leadership side.

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00:36:55Paul Daly:Hi all. Just a side note: the email had 3pm GMT. It's actually 4pm GMT here with the seasonal time change… so others in this time zone may have thought it was already on.
00:43:29Tamara Parris:thank you Paul.
00:55:08Paul Daly:Is vicarious liability different on that side of the pond? Over this side of the pond, in general employers could be vicariously liable for unauthorised, intentional wrongdoings committed by an employee providing there was a connection between the wrongdoings and the work for which they were employed, to deem it within the scope of employment.
01:08:06Tamara Parris:
01:16:00Tamara Parris:Please do share your thoughts and ideas in the chat
01:16:07Tamara Parris:do you agree or disagree?
01:17:43malcolm.jacobs:Really good book and this form reinforces the information, Really enjoying the presentation.
01:17:56Tamara Parris:Thank you Malcolm!
01:19:24Paul Daly:
01:20:14malcolm.jacobs:Your correct we trained and trained again in the Marine Corps and Navy security forces, nothing like good muscle memory
01:23:01Paul Daly:This discussion makes me appreciate that we (thankfully) haven't had the requirement to factor for/manage responses to active shooters here.
01:26:15Tamara Parris:Important people are ready to understand their role to help defuse or report possible situation
01:26:32malcolm.jacobs:TDX Security manager just held company wide training on active shooter to teach people how to deal with a situation if it arises. Really good training and this reinforces that learninig
01:26:35Tamara Parris:be it a bullying or physical violence situations
01:26:49Tamara Parris:perhaps another session on this - Safety View :)
01:28:53Robin:Agreed Malcom!
01:30:10Robin:Absolutely Tamara, let's do it!
01:31:08Robin:It's been an Honor and privilege to be on the call today. Let's all connect on LinkedIn!
01:31:49Tanya Hewitt:I have another call - but this has been fabulous - thank you so very much!
01:31:54Peter:sounds good


Richard Knowles, Partner at Richard N. Knowles & Associates, Inc., DBA Nagele Knowles & Associates

Over the last 35 years Richard has developed and proven a simple approach to helping people to solve their complex problems quickly and effectively without the need for new computer programs, elaborate training courses or new capital investment.

The powerful, unique complexity tools he uses helps diverse groups of people come together in collaboration to solve the complex problems they are facing. This always works, providing people are willing to talk and listen together. He has successfully used these tools around the world with all sorts of organizations ranging from manufacturing to city governments, to small and large businesses of all sorts to successfully transform themselves higher levels of performance.

He has broadened the scope of his work into helping to prevent workplace violence. This is focused on the critical role of leadership in eliminating problems ranging from disrespect to bullying, to harassment, to unsafe behaviors and attitudes and on to suicides and killings.

He is the author of "The Leadership Dance, Pathways to Extraordinary Organizational Effectiveness",(2002, ISBN 0-9721204-0-8) and "Partnering for Safety and Business Excellence" (2012, ISBN 978-0-9721204-1-8).




Claire Knowles, is the Owner/Creator at Lights On! Leadership Success, and Partner at Richard N. Knowles & Associates, Inc., DBA Nagele Knowles & Associates

Claire comes from the corporate world, with a strong background in Human Resources, Labor Relations and Communications, Industrial Safety....experienced via a successful career at the DuPont Company. She has been consulting for 15 years (since DuPont).. working with Leaders of groups, teams, organizations, businesses, networks, Boards of Directors....for-profit and not-for-profit...assisting their leaders and their teams to move through difficult successful, desired outcomes.

She knows what it is like to be a leader in the corporate world dealing with intense conflict...and challenges. She knows the questions people ask: Why can't we get this done? Why does this have to be so difficult? And then there are the repetitive behaviors that can make for ugly and hostile doesn’t have to be like that!

Her deep mission, along with is to help Leaders and their teams, groups, organizations, businesses, Boards, to co-create their future and quickly build the effectiveness necessary to move forward, along with respect and humanity for the workplace. She uses a proprietary process that allows the important conversations to take place---where the game playing stops---and where serious accomplishment results. Organizational Change, Safety, Security, HR, Effectiveness...wherever resolution is needed, and leadership is needed. She teaches Leaders how to Lead effectively, fully engaging the workforce.


Robin C. Nagele is a Partner at Richard N. Knowles & Associates, Inc., DBA Nagele Knowles & Associates.

Robin is a well-rounded, security solutions professional with a diverse set of proven skills; from caring leadership, management, a strong operational background in public safety, security and law enforcement.

He has two primary professional passions. One is public safety, from protecting people, to securing assets. The other passion is Leadership - helping people through a caring and nurturing leadership style, being a coach, and mentor with a sincere intent of helping others flourish and watching them as they strive to reach their fullest potential.

Upon retiring from the U.S. Army's Military Police Corps in 2006 at the senior rank of Sergeant Major/E-9, Robin has enjoyed an ambitious and successful career as a Security practitioner within several functional areas in corporate and private sectors.

He earned a Masters degree (M.A) in Management & Leadership to compliment and reinforce his passion for Leadership. Additionally, he earned a second Master’s degree (M.A.) in Business & Organizational Security Management. This degree helped to align his past and present security and business professional learning’s gained throughout his security career. With this unique mix, he delivers an experienced executive caring leader and as a strategic security professional.


Regular Hosts are:

Gary Wong, Complexity Facilitator at Gary Wong & Associates, Bachelor of Applied Science, Masters of Business Administration, safety and organizational change from a complexity perspective.

Tamara Parris, Community Development, Bachelors of Social Work, Occupational Health and Safety, and Emergency Management.

Rosa Carrillo author of The Relationship Factor in Safety Leadership, safety leadership consultant, MS in Organizational development.

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Written by Tamara Parris

Profile Picture of Tamara Parris

Tamara Parris is the VP of Community and Business Development at Safeopedia, and owner of EHS Professionals Group on LinkedIn. Her passion is working with other EHS Professionals to collaborate in thought leadership, networking and connecting our industry peers to resources that will increase profitability and safety practices within their workplaces. Tamara has been in the Health and Safety field for over 20 years, her industry experiences include the Construction sector, CCTV and Security, and Commercial Retail industries.

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