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Meet the Author with Karen J. Hewitt

By Tamara Parris
Published: January 25, 2022 | Last updated: January 25, 2022 11:54:50
Key Takeaways

It is important we take time to engage with our employees, especially those who have had their confidence - levels knocked in the turbulence of the pandemic.

Join us for another Meet the Author with Karen J. Hewitt as she discusses her book "People Power: Transform your Business in the Era of Safety and Wellbeing" with co-host Gary Wong and Tamara Parris.

2021 has been called the Year of Extremes - extreme weather with natural catastrophes (heat waves, drought, wildfires, flooding rain, deep freezes). Throw in pandemic restrictions, social injustice, broken supply chain processes, digital technology running amok.

  • How do we continue to protect our workforce in the long term?
  • How do we engage employees, who have had their confidence - levels knocked in the turbulence of a pandemic?
  • How do we get the best out of an employee base that is already having to operate in a ‘new normal’?

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00:27:56Safeopedia:Connect with Karen here >
00:29:26Malcolm D. Jacobs TDX Holdings Inc:Been awhile, hello all
00:29:48Safeopedia:Hello Malcolm!
00:30:15Tanya Hewitt:Hello Malcolm - happy 2022!
00:33:30Malcolm D. Jacobs TDX Holdings Inc:happy New year,
00:43:56NJ Hess:I can speak to experience of mass resignations in the early education space.
00:51:20Safeopedia:Build, Buzz and Big
00:55:34Safeopedia:Build - be really proactive at looking at the stakeholders who should be involved.
00:56:33Tanya Hewitt:Is self awareness addressed in the book?
00:57:10Safeopedia:Buzz - get everyone involve - ask questions and listen
00:57:30Safeopedia:Big - integrate those touch points
01:00:08NJ Hess:Great comment Tom. A big issue with staff was the mental stress. The Exec Dir brought in counselors to work with them and took a number of steps to address stress. So safety and mental wellness is a HUGe piece of the situation. Pay is the straw that broke the camels back.
01:02:32Tanya Hewitt:Sounds like a values discussion
01:14:38Safeopedia:J LINKEDIN MEMBER >> Dunlop Food Sale Personal Weather that we had here it’s been sunny and warm October we were in the 70s we are getting Florida’s weather and out overnight and November we started getting a little trace of snow and then December we had nothing but rain tornadoes thunderstorms in that category and the other one was January we start off with the snow flurry light dusting that lasted for two days then two days later it was gone no trees just cold no snow I can tell you that’s about the weather myself I’ve had numerous surgeries in 2001 I had laser surgery in my eyes cataract surgery I am 63 years old I just went into the hospital on January 6 suspicion of cove it turned out or I had I was heading for a heart attack I had chest pains back pain spasms in my legs and back and I was are you say I have slept in two hours what do you call miners call mom my my blood oxygen dropped down to 77 at 70 you’re in full for your end a full grown fall swing, and so now I’m at home on medical leave and go contemplating about g
01:18:05Safeopedia:Give everyone a WHAT, WHY and HOW

Our Guest

Karen J. Hewitt is the Director of LEADERLIKE LIMITED and Author of "People Power: Transform your Business in the Era of Safety and Wellbeing"

Leaderlike helps senior leaders build sustainable health, safety and wellbeing cultures, boosting engagement and transforming the company in the process. When you engage with Leaderlike, your people at all levels will get the method and the skills to enable you to harness the true people power in your business. When you discover People Power, you harness the untapped leadership potential in every one of your employees, through the ‘just cause’ (Simon Sinek) of health, safety and wellbeing.


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Written by Tamara Parris

Profile Picture of Tamara Parris

Tamara Parris is the VP of Community and Business Development at Safeopedia, and owner of EHS Professionals Group on LinkedIn. Her passion is working with other EHS Professionals to collaborate in thought leadership, networking and connecting our industry peers to resources that will increase profitability and safety practices within their workplaces. Tamara has been in the Health and Safety field for over 20 years, her industry experiences include the Construction sector, CCTV and Security, and Commercial Retail industries.

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