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Last Minute Seats Are Still Available for the 2022 EHS Congress

By Aron Tozser
Published: August 19, 2022
Key Takeaways

The EHS Congress takes place September 13 - 14 in Berlin, bringing together safety professionals from across Europe.

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The EHS Congress is an annual, two-day powerhouse event bringing together senior health and safety executives from across Europe. This year's Congress will be held in Berlin on September 13 - 14.

Safety leaders will not want to miss out on this one. The event is, however, nearing capacity. Last minue seats are still available and it's not too late to register - but it will be soon.

What Are This Year's Highlights?

  • Presentations from safety heavyweights like Sidney Dekker, Carsten Busch, E Scott Geller, and Patrick Hudson
  • Breakout workshops led by Marcin Nazaruk, Jean Christophe le Coze, and Dom Cooper
  • Audience favorites like the Book Giveaway and Direct Q&As with Speakers
  • The 5th Annual Celebratory Gala Networking Dinner

What's It Really Like?

Under the chairmanship of Professor Andrew Sharman, the EHS Congress boasts a familial, interactive atmosphere that encourages delegates to ask questions and take an active role. During the Congress, attendants have the opportunity to address the panels and get direct answers to their questions. The Cocktail Reception allows for continued discussion in an informal setting, along with networking opportunities.


This year's major innovation will be the breakout workshops, including:

  • Sidney Dekker's Restorative Just Culture, where participants trace practices that create "risk secrecy"
  • Dom Cooper's workshop on Reducing SIFs (serious incidents and fatalities)
  • Marcin Nazaruk on the Practical Implementation of Safety II and Safety Differently, showcasing his 5-step program
  • Carsten Busch on whether safety is a choice influenced by culture & behavior
  • Jean-Christophe Le Coze's follow-up to last year's hit presentation, Blues of the HSE

This year's Congress also brings the latest academic research on safety, from from masterminds of safety culture, leadership, and organization like Patrick Hudson, Philippe Delquié, Paul Difford, E. Scott Geller, and Frank Furedi. This is coupled with the largest organizations in high-risk industries, such as BP, BASF, Biomeriux, Veolia, L’Oreal, Siemens, GE, Baker Hughes, ASML, Compass Group, Philips, and NEXT. All will be on hand to show demonstrate what they've done to slash incident rates and improve health and wellbeing across a number of measures.

While spaces are limited, all sessions will be streamed online. That means the colleagues of delegates attending the event can watch along at no additional charge.

To learn more, browse the latest event agenda. Or visit the EHS Congress website for more details and to register for the event while seats last.


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Written by Aron Tozser

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