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Above the Neck Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) includes eye protection, face protection, head protection, and hearing protection. Above the neck protection is extremely important in those work areas that are considered "high-hazard". Areas involving airborne fragments, metal shavings, sand, dust, chemical splash, loud noise, and bright or other harmful light should pay special attention to above the neck PPE.

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It’s easy to think of head injuries as catastrophic, and they certainly can be. It’s also easy to think of hard hats as THE head injury prevention solution, and they certainly DO provide essential protection.But before donning (more...)

Summer is here and that means being even more aware of safety hazards and challenges your workers will face every day. High heat, temperature extremes, noisy work environments, working at heights, confined space situations; increased (more...)

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This whitepaper looks at top considerations for selecting over-the-glasses eye protection that not only protects workers' eyes but also feel good all day long and deliver the confident good looks (more...)

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