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Introducing Safeopedia's Content Advisory Board

By Jamie Young
Published: January 9, 2017 | Last updated: September 18, 2020 09:06:15
Key Takeaways

Safeopedia's Advisory Board includes EHS experts from around the world and aims to focus Safeopedia's content (the high quality articles, Q&A's, and Safety Talks that you have seen on our site) so that it tracks the top issues and trends that matter to those who work in the field and to the general reader as well.

When we founded Safeopedia, we wanted it to be more than just an informative environmental health and safety website. Our vision was to create an authoritative resource guided by the knowledge and insights of industry experts and professionals.

To make that vision a reality, we have put together the Safeopedia Content Advisory Board. Our Advisory Board includes EHS experts from around the world and aims to focus Safeopedia's content (the high quality articles, Q&A's, and Safety Talks that you have seen on our site) so that it tracks the top issues and trends that matter to those who work in the field and to the general reader as well.

With over 100,000 members globally and over 60,000 monthly visitors to our site, providing insightful and relevant educational EHS content for our readers has become more than just a commitment—it's now a responsibility. That is why we want you, the readers, to know who are the industry insiders working behind the scenes to make sure Safeopedia can be the reliable resource you need.


Meet Our Content Advisory Board

Our current Content Advisory Board members are:

Introducing Safeopedia's Content Advisory BoardEric J. Conn: Founding Partner, Chair, OSHA Practice Group at Conn Maciel Carey PLLC

As the Chair of the national OSHA / Workplace Safety Practice Group at Conn Maciel Carey PLLC,I lead the Firm's efforts to represent employers in all matters involving workplace safety and health law, including managing inspections and investigations and defending employers facing enforcement actions involving federal OSHA, state OSHA plans, MSHA, and CSB.

Specialties: Full scale agency investigations of workplace accidents, and litigation before the OSH Review Commission and in state and federal courts.


Introducing Safeopedia's Content Advisory BoardChris J. Ward: Committee Member of British Standards Institution (BSI), Contributor to Draft ISO 45001

Chris is an ex UK Health Safety Executive (HSE) Principal Inspector (37 years). An expert on inspection, accident investigation and health safety management systems. He revised HSG 65 2013 Occupational Health Safety Management Systems. A member of BSI OSHAS 18001 committee; contributor to early drafting of ISO 45001, an 18001 lead auditor, a NEBOSH lead examiner for NGC1, IGC1 and Diploma.

He provides bespoke leadership and managing safety consultancy and solutions for OHSMS improvement, in particular using his system founded on investigating the fatal accidents he currently investigates around the world.

Introducing Safeopedia's Content Advisory BoardSuzanne Bernier: Author of Disaster Heroes, President of SB Crisis Consulting, Board Member of New York Says Thank You Foundation

Named 2016's "Continuity & Resilience Consultant of the Year - North America" by the Business Continuity Institute (BCI), Suzanne also had the recent honor of being a guest speaker at The White House during FEMA’s 2016 Individual & Community Preparedness Awards ceremony. Suzanne is a multi-certified, award-winning and internationally-recognized author, crisis management consultant, instructor and speaker, who has helped governments, communities and companies plan for and respond to disasters for twenty years.

Introducing Safeopedia's Content Advisory BoardDaniel Slattery: Consultant, Instructor, and PhD Candidate in Industrial-Organizational Psychology

Daniel is a Quality, Occupational Safety and Health Professional, who is dedicated and passionate about the safety and well-being of others. I maintain certifications with ISHM (Safety Management) and ASQ (Quality Management and Quality Auditor). I have extensive experience with custom management systems (e.g. SMS, SEMP, SEMS, process safety management, operational integrity) for oil & gas clients and service companies. I'm a project and operations manager with expertise in managing health and corporate safety functions. With a strong quality assurance and occupational safety background, I also have experience in root cause analysis, incident investigations, and behavior based safety.

Introducing Safeopedia's Content Advisory BoardMaurizio Delcaro: Safety and Environmental Consultant, MS, CSP, CET, CEHT, OHST, CHST

Maurizio is a Safety and Environmental Consultant and also an adjunct instructor at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. His one absolute belief in the world of EHS is that a commitment to operational efficiency at all levels is the single greatest factor in maximizing safety and productivity.

His career experiences include a very successful construction employers association (one of their members was recognized for having the best construction safety system in the nation), environmental project management, transportation, OSHA, college and university teaching, and ergonomics. He is a long-time volunteer with service on directorships, committees, and boards, and is a facilitator and speaker at conferences and conventions.

Maurizio is a regular contributor on Safeopedia and is always working to improve the overall culture of health & safety.

Introducing Safeopedia's Content Advisory BoardKevin Burns: Safety Management Consultant, Author, and Speaker

Kevin Burns is a management consultant, international thought-leader in workplace safety, and a speaker based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He is the CEO of ZeroSpeak Corporation and principal consultant at M4 Management Consultants. Kevin has authored ten books on human performance and safety, including his most recent release, PeopleWork: The Human Touch in Workplace Safety.

Whether it’s addressing frontline workers at safety meetings, speaking at international safety conferences, or consulting with management and safety teams to improve safety culture, Kevin brings a collaborative, people-based approach to safety. His PeopleWork blog is a go-to reference for the latest in workplace safety management.

Kevin speaks from the heart with unforgettable presentations and keynote addresses that are changing the way industry and people think and act about safety.

Kevin is a regular contributor on Safeopedia and is always working to improve the overall culture of health & safety.

Introducing Safeopedia's Content Advisory BoardBryan McWhorter: Writer, Consultant, and Speaker

“Making good things happen for other people.” This is one of the best mottos I have ever heard. When we help others, we can’t help but benefit ourselves. It’s almost like we’re wired for giving kindness and service to others.

It all comes down to community. As a writer, speaker and consultant, all I do in these capacities must fill two criteria:

1. I must uplift and have a positive influence on the audience or readers

2. I must give useful information that can be put to use for positive change

Bryan is a regular contributor to Safeopedia and author of our most popular article, “Safety and the Broken Window Theory.”

Introducing Safeopedia's Content Advisory BoardAmanda Wang Valentine: Founder of enHone, Consultant

Amanda specializes in commercializing applied science to build products that make life better for everyone. As the founder of enHone, Amanda and her team have built an application, based on discoveries in neuroscience and learning theory, that strengthens workers’ attention to improve safety and operational outcomes. In her consultancy work, Amanda helps companies with innovative technologies build business models and secure first initial customers. Amanda’s background is in venture capital, sell side research and investment banking. She transitioned into technology operations and business development during “web 1.0” and continues to be intrigued about new technologies and their impact on human performance. Right now, Amanda is watching VR/AR/mixed reality, AI, and IoT and how these can be used to optimize safety and operational excellence.

Moving Forward

Collaborating with this incredible team is an important part of what we do, but it's just the beginning. We are currently working with a select group of experts to vet our processes and better understand the best ways to scale their involvement far beyond our initial Advisory Board.

If you are interested in learning more about Safeopedia's Content Advisory Board or if you are interested in sharing your own industry expertise, we would love to hear from you. Please send us your contact information at [email protected] and we will reply to you shortly.


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Written by Jamie Young | COO

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