How many wheel chocks should be used at a loading dock?

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How many wheel chocks should be used at a loading dock?


Loading docks can be dangerous places, and using wheel chocks is one way to help mitigate hazards like trailer creep (learn about 5 Loading Dock Catastrophes – And How to Prevent Them).

OSHA standard 29 CFR 1910.178 requires vehicle operators to set their truck and trailer brakes and block their wheels to prevent vehicle movement. The standard notes that chocks should be placed under the rear wheels, which means two chocks should be used – chocking just one wheel isn’t enough. If operators are chocking both sides of the wheels, then you must have a total of four chocks – two for each side.

It’s important to remember that wheel chocks aren’t a standalone solution to preventing trailer movement at the loading dock. There are numerous limitations that must be taken into account:

  • Can slip in wet or icy weather
  • Often don’t provide sufficient restraining force to prevent trailer movement
  • Easily damaged, misplaced, or stolen

In summary: to ensure safety at the loading dock, always use at least two wheel chocks in conjunction with other measures.

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