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How can digital transformation for manufacturers make a safer, more productive team?

By Safeopedia Staff | Last updated: March 18, 2019

Manufacturers are spending extraordinary amounts on digital transformation projects. International Data Corp (IDC) predicted that global spending on digital transformation would surpass $1.1 trillion (USD) in 2018 alone. More than a third—over $333 billion—has been spent by manufacturers on applications, connectivity services, and IT services as manufacturers build out their digital platforms to compete in the digital economy.

Despite the amount of dollars being thrown at the problem, statistics from research by companies like Pulse Point and others report abysmal failure rates for these efforts. Although executives surveyed in a report sponsored by Dell stated over a quarter of their budget would be allocated to digital transformation, 89% admitted there were “significant barriers” to reaching their goals for
digital transformation.

But the news isn’t all bad. Manufacturers continue to learn as they “fail forward” within these digital transformation projects. As we become smarter, both with our technologies and our strategies, we’re learning that one crucial asset has been ignored.


That asset is the worker.

Strong processes that address lean, quality and safety are a requirement for manufacturers. And supporting the operation with the right technology is crucial to success.

But the single most important factor in whether an organization will grow—or fail—relies on two things:

  1. A connected worker who provides real information that makes the workplace better.
  2. Management that uses that information wisely.

New technologies like IoT, Smart PPE and sensors enable this new vision of an engaged, empowered workforce, but the technologies do not create these workforces on their own. Organizations must embrace digital transformation from a human perspective, connecting workers to an overall framework that fosters real-time communication, stronger data management and a safer, more
productive team.

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