Safety Education

OSHA, EPA and DOT-compliant, competency-based online safety training designed to engage the learner through intensive animation, simulation interaction.
Shaping the Future of QHSE Compliance. Designed by industry experts, Mango removes the pain from achieving and managing compliance-based standards like quality, health & safety, and environmental.With Mango, you can say goodbye to inadequate...Learn more
We help businesses collect health and safety reports from their staff.making reporting easyreducing paperworkimproving information qualityBut there is one more thing.Workers should not need to ask where hazards are. They should already know...Learn more
Years of research into workplace safety has uncovered 6 personality traits that are directly correlated to employee safety: Resistance, Irritability, Distractibility, Impulsiveness, Anxiousness, and Thrill-Seeking. Through a 20 minute online...Learn more
CustomizeYour company orientation should be unique to your culture and environment. Initiafy allows you to create a custom process whereby new workers register themselves online, upload documents and photos and take their orientation training. And...Learn more


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Improving Safety Starts with the Individual and Their SafetyDNA™Research shows there are innate psychological characteristics that are consistently linked to safe behavior, incident rates, and even injury severity. Everyone has a unique combination...Learn more
More Effective Than A ListIn the dashboard view, you can see all your actions and draft content. This clearly shows you what you need to do and helps you focus on the right actions at the right time.See All Your ActionsSee the actions you have by...Learn more
PHA studies, such as HAZOP, What If, and FMEA, have become easier, quicker and more cost effective with PHAWorks®. With the time and cost savings it provides, PHAWorks® is a tool that is essential to your company. No PHA software is used or trusted...Learn more
Corporate LMS system that comes with a library of EHS-related courses. Employers can also create custom content and training materials.


by Alchemy Systems
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SISTEM increases employee comprehension and improves their overall retention. Also included is an integrated web-based Learning Management System that automates training documentation and reporting, providing you with a valuable tool during critical...Learn more


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inspectiTRAC takes the inspections, audits, and observations you are already using and mobilizes them while decreasing errors, improving responsiveness and reducing risk. Data collection and data entry times can be reduced up to 80% with...Learn more

intRAtrain Food Safety

by intRAtrain by Russell Associates
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ntRAtrain™ Food Safety is a library of online, facilitator led, and blended learning training courses that focuses on ensuring safety and quality products, satisfied customers and reduced exposure to food recall by modifying, regulating and ensuring...Learn more

Summit Connect

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Connect deployment, training, and reporting all together with Summit Connect.
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