Integrated Safety & Asset Management

The Asset Management lifecycle is largely interrelated with Safety. As safe practices and preventative measures are performed on and around an asset, the lifecycle of the asset is improved. An integrated platform or system that can manage the process from pre-shift inspections to work orders, then to repair, and finally back around where the asset is back in service and pre-shift inspections are being performed again, all with full traceability, truly saves an organization time and money.Integrated Safety & Asset Management

Nektar's approach to asset lifecycle management takes into consideration all parties involved in the asset ownership. From the creation of the asset at the factory, through the dealer network down to the end user, our solution has tremendous...Learn more
Our flexible platform is the modern solution for EHS management. The easy-to-use tool can be accessed from any device and even works offline. Complete inspections on-the-go, assign tasks and set up alerts as you wish. Capptions has you running more...Learn more
InspectAll gives you all the tools to mobilize your compliance program, asset reporting, and business processes with one easy to use solution. We provide a fast mobile App, intelligent analytics and reporting, and easy administration tools to keep...Learn more’s data capture and workforce management platform provides deep insight and oversight into EHS trends and incidents across your organization. From quality control audits to risk-based assessments, adapts to meet all your data...Learn more
This powerful work management tool is built around workflows that enforce your business rules ensuring approvals are obtained at the right time by the right people. SageSURPASS encompasses planning, requesting, assessing risks, controlling hazards,...Learn more


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It offers a secure, convenient method to complete workplace safety risk assessments; report and investigate incidents; store training records; manage assets; regulate contractors; conduct audits; create email notifications; track and escalate...Learn more
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