Incident Management

Seemlessly track and management incedents and reporting requirements.

EcoWebDesk is the leading solution for your health and safety, environmental protection and sustainability management. Expertly grounded, the web-based software knows your tasks and unites all of the functions that you need. Use a tried and true...Learn more


by Procore Technologies
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Procore Technologies, Inc., the world's number one most widely used construction management software, helps firms drastically increase project efficiency and accountability by streamlining and mobilizing project communication and documentation....Learn more
Medgate’s Enterprise EHS Software Platform is used by specialized professional who perform Health and Safety Functions for organizations in support of Occupational Health, Occupational Hygiene, Safety Management, Ergonomics.Our customers are...Learn more
Using Logincident, incident reports are supported by photographic, video and audio evidence, which along with in-built geo-location technology, means that accurate, quality and concise incident reports are consistently captured - once submitted, the...Learn more


by Arms Reach Monitoring Service
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Improve Worker SafetyProtect your workers with pre-set check in intervals, up to two hours. OSHA compliance requires all lone workers to check in at least once every 120mins.Protect Your StaffEnsure your staff are safe by enforcing a mandatory check...Learn more
Rolls-Royce is a world-class provider of EHS, Quality, and Operational Risk Management software.Our solutions enable organizations to improve safety performance, manage changes, assess risks, ensure quality and compliance, and streamline business...Learn more
It requires that hazardous power sources be "isolated and rendered inoperative" before any repair procedure is started. This app helps you make sure your workers have a clear process for dealing with dangerous machinery. This app comes with date,...Learn more
We provide access to information and tools to manage federal, state, provincial and municipal environmental, health & safety legislation. Businesses from printing, aerospace, energy production, car parts manufacturer use to stay...Learn more
MySOAR is web-based with the option to add a mobile application to complement data entry in the field or on the road. Manage compliance and safety for employees, drivers, e-logs, vehicles, and equipment in one place. We offer the ability to tailor a...Learn more
ProactiveIndustrySafe helps organizations manage safety and security by providing a proactive toolset to identify trouble spots, to reduce claims, and to develop safety management strategies that positively impact the bottom line...Learn more
Stop Pushing Paper, Start Pushing Productivity. Increase efficiency, productivity, and profitability by dropping the frustrating value-destroying tasks involved with paper-work. Decrease your company’s risk by knowing how the safety plan is...Learn more
The Safesite mobile solution puts safety into the hands of all construction workers. The mobile iOS and Android native applications allow workers to action safety items instantly using their mobile device. This removes the friction of going back to...Learn more
CS-VUE works by providing a sophisticated cloud based framework to hold all of your compliance data. Your Environmental Permits and obligations are fully managed by our software for easy compliance management and work-flow. No more missing paper...Learn more
Key BenefitsImproved accuracyBetter productivityIncreased efficiencyShorter turnaroundsKey FeaturesEasy setup with a simple user interfaceCreate & Manage your own inspection templates, questions, and checklistsIndustrial Facility-Approved,...Learn more
ZeraWare is a sustainable safety management system for managing a sound safety program. Our safety management applications solve safety program problems, streamline safety management tasks and make OSHA compliance easier. A unique advantage of...Learn more
Shaping the Future of QHSE Compliance. Designed by industry experts, Mango removes the pain from achieving and managing compliance-based standards like quality, health & safety, and environmental.With Mango, you can say goodbye to inadequate...Learn more
We help businesses collect health and safety reports from their staff.making reporting easyreducing paperworkimproving information qualityBut there is one more thing.Workers should not need to ask where hazards are. They should already know...Learn more
Taking a proactive approach in managing safety and risk assists organizations in preventing or lessening unforeseen workplace events and incidents.Due to valuable time being lost while trying to manage paper-based and spreadsheet systems,...Learn more
Intuitive Mobile Application Users report Incidents, Close Calls and make Suggestions Incognito option encourages close call reporting and suggestions, expanding risk identification Emergency Button notifies key personnel Apple and Android phone...Learn more


by Elmstone Systems Limited
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Mirashare software suit offers a range of solutions to help organisations improve safety, increase productivity, develop an enhanced Health and Safety culture and provide visibility at all levels. Easy to use and quick to implement.
The eCompliance mobile app connects workers with head office, creating a two-way conversation so safety leaders can make faster, fact-based decisions, and executives gain an unrivaled view of safety risk across their company. With the mission to...Learn more
Quickly collect EHS forms with embedded photos and audio using a mobile device, even without network coverage, and submit completed forms to the office in real time. Automatically generate, share and store custom documents (PDF, XML, JSON, CSV), and...Learn more

Target 100

by Business Safety Systems
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T100 Risk Manager is a class-leading solution for the management of compliance in any organisation, from SME’s to large corporations. T100 Risk Manager has an established track record for the delivery of risk reduction, claims defensibility, legal...Learn more


by Safety For Life Pty Ltd
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Sherm Software is the latest web-based safety, health and environmental risk management software solution for the Australian market place. Our trusted cloud platform has been designed specifically to support small and medium size business manage...Learn more
EMEX is a specialist provider of flexible Environmental, Health & Safety Software that enables companies to aggregate EHS data in a single, auditable database and manage their analysis and reporting more effectively than ever before. This...Learn more
Rivo will help you:Report incidents, near misses and hazards offline where signal is low/unavailableBe compliant with reporting standards such as RIDDOR and OSHA 300, report near misses or risk from any deviceEnsure the right people are notified...Learn more
The impact of incidents and accidents can range from insignificant to critical, hence companies need well developed processes to manage their impact, whether financial, environmental, workplace injury/illness, damage or security breaches. An...Learn more
Measure, analyse and improve (mai) your EHS performance. mai is the system of choice for the EHS Manager who is determined to improve risk management and avoid unnecessary losses. In short, we keep your employees out of the hospital and your...Learn more
IncidentChanger lets your workers log observations using video and photos, but by choice also audio or text. With the flawless software for professionals (IncidentChanger Manager) your safety specialist can create professional incident files based...Learn more


by eConserve Software
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What we offer: eConserve Safety Management Software Suite:Accident / Incident ManagementOccupational Safety (injury/Illness)Ecological Safety (environmental damage)Asset Safety (property loss or damage)Behavior Based SafetyRisk AssessmentSafety...Learn more
RISKS ANALYSIS MANAGEMENTEnables you to create analytical grids for all types of risksHazardous equipmentErgonomicsTasksEnvironmentProcessesLOCKOUT AND PROCEDURES MANAGEMENTEnables you to coordinate the information needed to establish and manage...Learn more
Like all editions of Perspective (AIR, SOC and ICM), Perspective EIM offers mobility, workflow and dynamic link analysis. It is highly customizable and can be configured for a single location or implemented worldwide, dedicated to corporate security...Learn more
Consolidate related incident and investigation data into case records for comprehensive tracking, analysis and reporting.Assign new case investigators then instantly inform them with automatically-generated email notifications.Review a summary of...Learn more
The AIR: Edition includes:Perspective Platform including easy to use interface, analyse and reporting, iOS app, alerts & workflow, and integration capabilities.Activity Tracking, a modern day activity log to ensure consistency of activity...Learn more
Whether you are looking to simply distinguish visitor traffic from contractor traffic, or you are seeking a comprehensive solution to help you manage regulatory and other compliance obligations around the management of those on-site; WhosOnLocation...Learn more
Not just another outsourcing company…“How can I be sure that I’ll be delivered high quality services?”“How can I try your services, when I need works to be performed on a live, mission-critical system and do not want to risk its stability?”“How can...Learn more


by intRAtrain by Russell Associates
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inspectiTRAC takes the inspections, audits, and observations you are already using and mobilizes them while decreasing errors, improving responsiveness and reducing risk. Data collection and data entry times can be reduced up to 80% with...Learn more
Imagine being able to produce a Risk Assessment or Method Statement in less than 10 minutes! Imagine being able to pick up the phone and get help and advice on any Health & Safety issues 7 days a week! This is reality for 2000 companies in the...Learn more


by BASIC Engineering, P.C.
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BasicSafe™ is a scalable database management system for loading, creating, storing, and accessing your safety or other mission critical information. BasicSafe™ will maintain employee records related to information created and stored in the database....Learn more
With Covalent you can:Assess a risk's impact and likelihood, and initiate treatment or mitigation actions for higher priority risks.Monitor changes to individual risk profiles and provides assurance about the effectiveness of internal controls at...Learn more
Manage/document accidents & delays, subcontractor information, site safety & quality control observations, project photos, weather, task lists, equipment rental, jobsite visitors, and more!SUPERINTENDENTS & FOREMANSave up to an hour/day...Learn more
Improve the Way You Conduct Investigationsi-Sight’s case management solutions will streamline your investigations process and help you conduct better, more thorough investigations with bulletproof documentation and reports. We have implemented...Learn more
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