EHS Management

EHS Management for your corporate EHS requirements.

Intelex’s Safety Management Software will help you: Learn what is happening within your organization Record, trend and investigate all types of EHS incidents, near-misses and dangerous conditions across your organization. Set safety objectives and...Learn more
Quentic is the leading health & safety, environmental and sustainability management software. Expertly grounded, the web-based software knows your tasks and unites all of the functions that you need. Use a tried and true system with which you...Learn more
MyMomentum is an affordable, cloud-based SaaS platform that automates program administration, organizes documentation and leverages best practices for any size client. It is a full feature platform that is competitive with any other product in the...Learn more
With Cosmos Forms’ easy to use mobile solutions:Easily author and deploy your own Forms in as little as an hourCapture data where originates and have it immediately available anywhere it is neededCreate, assign and track Actions to...Learn more
Watch the SiteDocs Product Overview (3:56) Workplace Safety At Your Fingertips Build Custom Forms Upload All Your Safety Documents (Safety Manual, Toolbox Talks, MSDS, etc.) Track Worker Certifications Monitor Safety in Real Time Make your safety...Learn more
See how we can streamline and standardize your EHS processes.Say goodbye to silos and spreadsheetsSay hello to the most comprehensive and secure SaaS platform to manage, track and report critical EHS information across the department, site, region,...Learn more
Rolls-Royce is a world-class provider of EHS, Quality, and Operational Risk Management software.Our solutions enable organizations to improve safety performance, manage changes, assess risks, ensure quality and compliance, and streamline business...Learn more


by IsoMetrix Software Solutions
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Optimise your business using a system that provides an over-arching solution for all elements of GRC, from Health, Safety, Environment and Community to Enterprise Risk Management, Sustainability, Primary Healthcare and Wellness, and Social...Learn more


by secova USA, Inc.
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sam* consists of different functional modules that are combined in a unique, corporate central database. Select the desired modules according to your operational requirements (modular system). All sam* modules engage seamlessly with one another, and...Learn more
ProactiveIndustrySafe helps organizations manage safety and security by providing a proactive toolset to identify trouble spots, to reduce claims, and to develop safety management strategies that positively impact the bottom line...Learn more
The Safesite mobile solution puts safety into the hands of all construction workers. The mobile iOS and Android native applications allow workers to action safety items instantly using their mobile device. This removes the friction of going back to...Learn more
CS-VUE works by providing a sophisticated cloud based framework to hold all of your compliance data. Your Environmental Permits and obligations are fully managed by our software for easy compliance management and work-flow. No more missing paper...Learn more
Each year, new regulations relating to safe handling, global transportation, storage, disposal, selling restrictions, as well as point of origin (i.e., conflict minerals) are appearing at a staggering rate. Coupled with nuances in global language...Learn more
With current SHEQ Management Systems being large and very expensive solutions the management of SHEQ has been a paper-based nightmare for most companies! If you couldn’t afford expensive software packages, or custom developed software, you were...Learn more
SafeGuard Sentinel reveals plant danger in real-time by continuously measuring, monitoring and alerting operations and management to process safety risks, simultaneously delivering executable contingency plans. By presenting real-time risk...Learn more
SafeGuard Profiler, formerly known as SilCore software, is a trusted Safety Integrity Level Software by ACM Facility Safety. It is a field-proven Safety Integrity Level (SIL) Lifecycle tool that gives high integrity and critical control systems...Learn more

HSEQ Innovate

by Pro-Sapien Software Ltd.
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Pro-Sapien provides bespoke Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) and Quality software to some of the world’s largest organizations. Developed with high risk and heavily regulated industries in mind, our award-winningHSEQ Innovate software harnesses...Learn more
Mass Notification AppUNIFIED STANDALONE EMERGENCY NOTIFICATION APP FOR CRITICAL ALERTSTrusted No.1 Solution for Universities and Businesses
FIRST, VERIFY provides an online information management tool that helps companies ensure that their suppliers and contractors meet corporate compliance and record keeping requirements. More than anything else, those requirements are based on...Learn more
Quickly collect EHS forms with embedded photos and audio using a mobile device, even without network coverage, and submit completed forms to the office in real time. Automatically generate, share and store custom documents (PDF, XML, JSON, CSV), and...Learn more
Whether you are looking to simply distinguish visitor traffic from contractor traffic, or you are seeking a comprehensive solution to help you manage regulatory and other compliance obligations around the management of those on-site; WhosOnLocation...Learn more
Our flexible platform is the modern solution for EHS management. The easy-to-use tool can be accessed from any device and even works offline. Complete inspections on-the-go, assign tasks and set up alerts as you wish. Capptions has you running more...Learn more
CQN AdvantageTM enables general contractors to move from manual to automated prequalification systems with the lowest implementation friction and costs. The application is an excellent choice for general contractors that want a turn-key platform to...Learn more
Available in a multi-lingual version, myosh is used globally and has been customised for many industries; including oil and gas, mining, construction. There are four different products myosh offers which have been tailored to suit small to medium...Learn more
Taking a proactive approach in managing safety and risk assists organizations in preventing or lessening unforeseen workplace events and incidents.Due to valuable time being lost while trying to manage paper-based and spreadsheet systems,...Learn more
The eCompliance mobile app connects workers with head office, creating a two-way conversation so safety leaders can make faster, fact-based decisions, and executives gain an unrivaled view of safety risk across their company. With the mission to...Learn more
Property OwnerKEEP INFORMED ON ALL YOUR PROJECTSRequire your employees and contractors to use NoteVault, and stay informed about issues on your jobsites. Receive PDF reports daily and view project status from your desk. Plus, you can share your...Learn more
Stop Pushing Paper, Start Pushing Productivity.Increase efficiency, productivity, and profitability by dropping the frustrating value-destroying tasks involved with paper-work. Decrease your company’s risk by knowing how the safety plan is...Learn more
WorkSafeOnline is a complete Health Safety solution to manage risks associated with organizational activities to avoid business impacts. WSO supports compliance with government regulations, HS quality standards and carefully manages legal...Learn more


by Affygility Solutions
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Simple and intuitive to use, yet powerful and full-featured, Affytrac includes all the functionality you expect in EHS software, without any unnecessary complexity to get in your way.Task Management lets you define your organization's set of...Learn more

Chemical Safety EMS

by SFS Chemical Safety, Inc
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Chemical Safety develops, integrates and supports industry-leading technologies for environmental management, renewable energy management and energy efficiency. We are one of the most experienced providers of environmental and chemical management...Learn more
CompliantPro makes compliance-related information easily accessible to everyone involved in your processes, in real time. It transcends organizational silos, eliminating inconsistency and duplication of effort to streamline compliance processes, and...Learn more


by IMEC Technologies Inc.
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Using Inspector – Inspection Software you can manage safety inspections, facility inspections, equipment inspections and then monitor the results using powerful reporting and dashboards. You can design your own checklists and define the possible...Learn more


by UL Workplace Health and Safety (UL WHS)
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OHM, UL’s occupational health management software solution, gives your clinic the tools you need to run as efficiently and productively as possible while promoting overall workplace health. With OHM’s 1,400+ reports, you can identify workplace...Learn more
Our solution provides the ability to leverage a strong compliance training program where safety managers can identify risks in the workplace and develop and implement proactive measures to prevent avoidable work-related injuries and illness. Beyond...Learn more
EnviroManager™ simplifies Environmental Management System (EMS) implementation, proactively facilitates regulatory compliance, and helps organizations manage responsive, cost-effective environmental programs. EnviroManager™ is also used to manage...Learn more


by ForJenn Environmental
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EMACT specializes in air quality software and consulting services. It has been noted by the USEPA as having the best calculations in the industry in estimating hazardous air pollutant emissions. This product can calculate specific recipes or batches...Learn more
Reduce Overall Job Risks—Track Compliance.Protect your employees. Take job safety into your own hands with EtQ's job safety analysis and see the difference.Break down each job to assess possible hazards of each job stepIntegrates with risk...Learn more
Measure, analyse and improve (mai) your EHS performance. mai is the system of choice for the EHS Manager who is determined to improve risk management and avoid unnecessary losses. In short, we keep your employees out of the hospital and your...Learn more
Why did BSMS develop PEER®?Answer: Initially the idea came from working with clients to capture observation and discussion data to enhance their safety observation processes. In 2007 we worked with SHELL on the Corrib project in Ireland, where we...Learn more


by Industrial Scientific
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iNet by the NumbersToday, there are more than 164,000 gas detectors on iNet at more than 6,900 customer sites in 34+ countries around the world.
INCREASE EFFICIENCYComplete inspection and audits faster, more accurately and without duplicate data entryREDUCE LIABILITYAutomatic scheduling and notifications help ensure work is done on time reducing the chance of an accidentBE COMPLIANTThe Field...Learn more
EQWin Data Manager is designed to meet or exceed all of your requirements for the collection, storage, analysis, reporting of environmental data required to monitor your efforts at environmental compliance and focus on sustainable development.
Gensuite provides solutions to companies with global compliance process digitization needs. Our innovative, web-based applications are developed on a patented architechture to help our customers turn complex compliance requirements into actionable...Learn more


by Green EcoSystems Group
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GESG’ s Green-ES solution can help your company to rapidly implement REACH, RoHS and other toxicity related solutions to satisfy all of your substance legislation requirements and customer demands. The Green-ES solution allows companies to cost...Learn more
The Software Framework to Help You Manage Health & Safety plus staff training.Reduces health & safety implementation costsReduces compliance costsReduces incidents, injury time and other costly wasteIncreases employee effectiveness and...Learn more
HAMS-GPS Software Package is a professionally built Windows based Software. HAMS-GPS enables from advanced Training to Research oriented HSE-Management Studies including Quantitative Risk Assessment - QRA (including FAR, FN-Curve and ISO-Risk),...Learn more


by Logical Technology, Inc.
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HAZMIN is available in three forms: Online, Software and Hosting. Some HAZMIN modules, such as MSDS Management, RegSub List-of-List and eTask Management are available as standalone solutions. The HazDoc Manager is the "bare-bones" MSDS Solution....Learn more

InterLink Solution

by Accupoint Software Development
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The InterLink platform can be accessed on any web-enabled device: smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop. This means all of your compliance information can be accessed and updated whenever you need it, wherever you need it: the shop floor, a drilling...Learn more
Access your chemical inventory (eBinder) on the fly Manage chemical containers via your mobile device from where your chemicals are stored Search for, access and deploy safety data sheets View critical safety information anytime, anywhere Manage...Learn more
It is based on Employee Views HRIS - Level 1, with the additional safety functions added to it. The additional functions include: Injury Log, for printing the OSHA 101 / 200 forms, and also for any other injuries you want to track but not print. The...Learn more
OSHALOG® 300 Version 4.0 will bring your company into compliance with the OSHA recordkeeping regulations. Version 4.0 also adds many new features and updates that were not available in previous versions. Available in concurrent users in increments...Learn more
Our applications engage employees in to building OSHE foundation while managers have ability to manage daily tasks & accident management. It provides employees & leaders ability to conduct necessary compliance inspections & audits...Learn more
Parachute Software is also responsible for developing and supporting the software to manage Canada’s Vehicle Recycling Program – Retire Your Ride. Retire Your Ride is a $92M program that aims to recycle 150,000 vehicles from Canada’s roads over 3...Learn more

QSE Integrated Management

by Distributed Technology Systems
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The system will provide the necessary management facilities for compliance with established international standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 4801, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and Australian and New Zealand Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems...Learn more
Safety Indicators is a web-based Safety process management suite. It is hosted entirely in the Cloud to provide high-speed access from anywhere in the world. Data is backed up continually to prevent loss. Access is controlled through user sign-in...Learn more


by Business Standards International (BSI)
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BSI Entropy Software helps you to get the most from your business and management systems. It provides a software and management solution to help you proactively manage risk, sustainability, and performance, by reducing the cost and effort that goes...Learn more
The corrective action based on risk (known by its acronym as Risk-Based Corrective Action, or RBCA), have been widely accepted in the environmental sector and, therefore, responsible for site managers, regulators and consultants in all parts of the...Learn more


by eConserve Software
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What we offer: eConserve Safety Management Software Suite:Accident / Incident ManagementOccupational Safety (injury/Illness)Ecological Safety (environmental damage)Asset Safety (property loss or damage)Behavior Based SafetyRisk AssessmentSafety...Learn more
RISKS ANALYSIS MANAGEMENTEnables you to create analytical grids for all types of risksHazardous equipmentErgonomicsTasksEnvironmentProcessesLOCKOUT AND PROCEDURES MANAGEMENTEnables you to coordinate the information needed to establish and manage...Learn more
Replaces all the paper forms in your safety program with intuitive smartphone and web experiences designed for contractors. No more copying, faxing, scanning etc… Automate workflows for any process such as job site hazard analysis, new worker...Learn more
Environmental, health and safety (EHS) professionals are overburdened with the sheer quantity of tasks and data required to comply with federal, state, and local regulations. That’s why the world’s largest corporations and government agencies trust...Learn more
UNIQUE FEATURESWorks online or offline without user intervention.Customize app for each location and/or scenarioException based reporting enabled by defaultFocused on field worker experience with simple, secure and intuitive design
This powerful work management tool is built around workflows that enforce your business rules ensuring approvals are obtained at the right time by the right people. SageSURPASS encompasses planning, requesting, assessing risks, controlling hazards,...Learn more


by SHE Software Ltd.
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It offers a secure, convenient method to complete workplace safety risk assessments; report and investigate incidents; store training records; manage assets; regulate contractors; conduct audits; create email notifications; track and escalate...Learn more


by intRAtrain by Russell Associates
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inspectiTRAC takes the inspections, audits, and observations you are already using and mobilizes them while decreasing errors, improving responsiveness and reducing risk. Data collection and data entry times can be reduced up to 80% with...Learn more
Includes SDSpro Classic and PlusWeb features, plus: Multiple administrators across your organization (Corporate Enterprise) Unlimited employee SDS access from any computer (no charge) Complete inventory updating, tracking reporting Easy to use and...Learn more


by Sullivan International Group, Inc
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Safety Management Suite: includes a group of Applications that helps organizations efficiently manage programs related to the safety of employees involved in manufacturing and industrial processes.EHS Process Management Suite: provides a number of...Learn more
Cintellate enables organizations to break down and map complex objectives and targets into clearly defined processes and simple steps. The powerful automated workflow tool promotes standarized, consistent processes for meeting EH&S obligations...Learn more
Clear Standards enables businesses to identify opportunities for cost savings from energy and waste reduction, and optimize investment across a portfolio of energy efficiency projects. By following Clear Standards' embedded best practices,...Learn more


by Contemporary Software
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With over one hundred pre-built reports, EnviroWare helps companies quickly get the data they need to be more efficient. These reports provide "cradle to grave" tracking for waste and help companies stay compliant with federal and state regulations....Learn more


by Hazmat Systems Inc.
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The SafeStation was designed from the ground up with one thing in mind: the worker.User-friendly - We had to make the system so easy that even someone who had never touched a computer before would be able to use it with ease.Tough - We had to make...Learn more
Trusted by more than 19,000 customers worldwide, VelocityEHS helps you reach your EHS goals faster with affordable, award-winning EHS management software solutions, unparalleled customer support, and rapid implementations that can have you up and...Learn more
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