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Slips, Trips, and Falls Safety

An inspection should make you aware of any possible hazards. In almost every workplace, the main hazard is from trips and falls, so your first inspection should be a visual scan of the walking surface. Examine your route and pay special attention to...Learn more
Slips, trips and falls constitute the majority of general industry accidents and result in back injuries, strains and sprains, contusions, and fractures. Trips & Falls are the second leading cause of death in the home, especially in those over...Learn more
Most slips and falls occur on the same level. This video is a short instructional review of the hazards that cause these accidents and how to spot and avoid them. Trips & Falls are the second leading cause of death in the home, especially in...Learn more
During winter, walking anywhere outside demands extra attention to avoid slipping and falling. No matter how well snow and ice is removed from ground surfaces or how much salt has been thrown down, there are still going to be some slippery surfaces...Learn more
Almost as many falls occur from falls on the same level as from height. This short safety training video gives a brief overview of the safety rules for preventing falls on the same level, falls from elevated surfaces, including stairs, and ladder...Learn more
Ladder accidents can be nasty. Minimize the risk by choosing a ladder that provides at least a 3-foot extension above your landing point. The ladder should also be tied off at the top to prevent lateral movement. The ladder end should be square to...Learn more
Floor Marking Tape is the best solution for creating an intuitive, easy to navigate wayfinding plan around any sized facility. For wayfinding principles, best practices and to learn how to create and effective wayfinding program at your facility,...Learn more
Most stairway fall accidents occur because the person loses their balance. Often this happens because the person neglects to use the handrails. Stairway falls can be serious, possibly resulting in death. As a consequence, building codes for stairs...Learn more
Preventing slips, trips and falls in the workplace requires good housekeeping. These accidents occur due to an unexpected change in the contact between the ground and the walking surface. Lessen the uncertainty by cleaning all spills immediately, as...Learn more
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