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In June 2017, OSHA released a final ruling on the use of silica, discussing all of the dangers that are associated with the consistent exposure of silica, and they noted that it’s been directly linked to more than 900 cases of silicosis,...Learn more
Leaks, drips and spills in your facility—or liquid transfer of any kind—odds are you’ve used some type of absorbent for those types of situations already. Absorbents are a great way to comply with OSHA regulations, they keep the workplace clean, dry...Learn more
Years ago, when I worked in a window and door factory, I saw a lot of employees who didn't bother putting in their ear plugs or ear muffs if they just had to use the circular saw for two or three quick cuts. We had this one older employee who...Learn more
It didn't seem particularly hot that day. And we were already pushing up against the deadline, so me and some of the guys decided to work through lunch. I figured I'd get something to drink at the afternoon break. I never got a chance to do that. By...Learn more
I have a journeyman electrician friend who often works on construction sites, and she told me that she was working one job where the boss made sure everyone had water on hand—which as great—but the sign reminding employees to stay hydrated was...Learn more
In college, I worked as a landscaper for a work-study program and I clearly remember the day my employer bought a tent for us to rest in on breaks and during lunch. I'm not even sure how much they paid for it, but to me it was worth a million...Learn more
I was chatting with a foreman the other day and he collapsed out of the blue. I was stunned and I had no idea what to do. A driver jumped out of his truck and ran to the AED station. He used the defibrillator while I stood by watching. He saved that...Learn more
"I am the only woman working in the shop at my company. The men have bigger hands than I do, so I keep my small gloves in my toolbox when I'm not using them. One day, I was going to help a co-worker quickly and just grabbed one of the other...Learn more
Opioids are an important class of drugs. They're responsible for relieving pain from broken bones, surgery, cancer treatment, and many other medical conditions. Unfortunately, they're also highly addictive and subject to abuse. In the last...Learn more
I really have problems with anything near my face, so I wasn’t too happy when my boss told me I had to wear the proper safety eye googles for the job I was about to do. Not only that, I was compelled to take the training program on the proper...Learn more
“When my employer said he wanted to send me on a training course so that I could work safely in confined spaces, I thought it was a bit unnecessary. Was he worried about me bumping my head or something? What an eye-opener! I never realized...Learn more
When I got my first construction job after moving to a big city, I was a bit nervous. I wasn't used to working at heights. I had worked on the rooftops of a few houses, but working on a high rise building was a whole new ballgame. On my first day, I...Learn more
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