Driver Safety

A freight train derailed in the winter of 2004 in the Canadian town of Whitby, Ontario. It was traveling westbound through a suburb that included overpass bridges to clear the north-south roads. A couple of the train’s cars toppled off an overpass...Learn more
Driving conditions in the winter months can be full of treacherous hazards including, winter ice, poor visibility, strong winds, snow, rain, and more. Each weather condition and the risks involved with driving in each specific condition are...Learn more
Driving Safety - Defensive Driving in a Dangerous World is the most comprehensive general driving safety video currently available. This program was released by Black Mountain Safety & Health, Inc. on June 16th, 2006. If your trainees are tired...Learn more
Ten Keys to Safe City Driving is brought to you by Written and narrated by Ken Skaggs
The most dangerous activity you do on a daily basis is driving or riding in a vehicle. In this safety video, you will learn defensive driving techniques to help you and your passengers arrive safely to your destination.We offer Risk Management...Learn more
Educate staff about the benefits of driving safety to minimize organization costs and keep your employees safe. Reinforce your safety culture and fleet safety program.
People who text and drive are 23 time more likely to have and accident. So how do we overcome this huge social problem. Simply telling people not to communicate while driving clearly isn’t working. Fortunately, there are some safe alternatives that...Learn more
The serious road injury rate could be halved if more people clicked into their seat belt before they took to the highway. Make sure that your belt is going to protect you in an accident by adjusting it for a correct fit. You can do this by pulling...Learn more
Driver distraction is a major source of accidents. You may feel that you can change a CD, eat your breakfast or apply your lipstick and still maintain your driving focus, but your are wrong. When behind the wheel, you need to eliminate all...Learn more
How often have you read a portion of a book without taking in a word of it? When you're behind the wheel, that' something that you cannot afford to do. You need to not only read road signs, but act upon their instructions. You may well save yourself...Learn more
In Texas, A jury finds a beverage company liable after one of its drivers crashes while talking hands-free.The hands-free headset complied with company policy.One Injury. Verdict: $21 Million
If your vehicle fails you in busy traffic, find the safest area to pull over. Do not try to investigate the problem or repair the vehicle yourself. Contact your management team and wait for assistance. If you have to exit the vehicle, do so on the...Learn more
If you're driving a new or unfamiliar vehicle, get to know where the safety controls are before you set off. Check the location of the headlight switch, windshield wipers, front defroster, and emergency hazard lights. You should also know your hand...Learn more
Driver fatigue can be deceiving. We can sometimes imagine road situations that don't exist. If we react to the imaginary situation, the results can be fatal. if you start feeling tired when driving, pull well off the road and take a nap. This is...Learn more
Reduced visibility on the road can result from darkness, twilight, rain, snow, fog, smoke, and bright sunlight. When judging your speed, slow down enough to maintain a safe stopping distance. However, do not slow down so much that you are a hazard...Learn more
Sleepiness reduces reaction time, decreases awareness and impairs judgment when driving. It is important to be able to recognize the signs of driver fatigue, which include the eyes closing or going out of focus, repeated yawning, irritability,...Learn more
There are certain basic techniques that must be practiced to ensure the safest possible operation of a crane. These include: The driver carrying out a brief check of the crane at the beginning of his shiftLoads should not be left hanging on the hook...Learn more
Internal powered trucks are employed for internal use within a factory. They are highly mobile, very flexible and can be fitted with a variety of attachments. Because of their mobility and flexibility, care must be taken in their use. To maximize...Learn more
Aggressive driver behavior includes running a red light, speeding, tailgating, passing on the right, weaving in and out of traffic, yelling, constantly honking the horn and flashing headlights.If you encounter an aggressive driver, do your best to...Learn more
Even a little rain can turn roads slippery and unpredictable. Reduce your speed in bad weather and increase your following distance. Avoid making sudden or sharp moves when possible. You should also stay away from bridges if possible. If driving is...Learn more
Distracted drivers are responsible for about 35,000 fatal accidents each year. Avoid becoming another statistic by never texting and driving. Use Bluetooth through a Bluetooth headset rather than talking into a handheld phone. Finish grooming before...Learn more
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